Slow progress

Well, we *think* we have decided to contract with a "facilitator" to assist us in our Adoption Journey. We haven't signed any papers yet - we are still hopeful we can find a birthmother on our own (through friends, family or here!), but realistically, independent adoptions usually only happen if you can find a birthmother on your own. Most matches are made through "friend of a friend" or family members who know someone who chooses to create an adoption plan for their baby.

It it is difficult to find birthparents/parents who wish to place a child for adoption. We're trying to be patient, but it's difficult... to want something so desperately and yet be at the mercy of another person - someone we have never met, and to have no timeline or any idea when it will happen is difficult.

It is exciting, but we try not to let ourselves get too excited, because we don't want to be disappointed.

We want so much to be parents and share our love and world with a child. We are open to as much openness our "birthfamily" may want - from letters and pictures to occasional visits, whatever makes her most comfortable. People often ask us what 'type' of "baby" we would like, or what sex. We are open - if we were pregnant, we wouldn't have a choice as to the gender or what they look like (other than that the baby would likely look like one of both of us.) We hope for a healthy child - it doesn't even have to be an infant. We are open to twins and sibling groups also, and almost any adoption situations.

If you or anyone you know is interested in speaking with us more, please leave a comment. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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