Home Study process

YAY! We are finally "in the process". Tonight we had our first meeting with the social workers completing our Home Study. We have also contracted with a facilitation agency in California and an attorney. We have our second meeting with the social workers (to complete our HS) next Monday. We have been BURIED in paperwork - between the docs for the attorney contract, the docs for the social workers and the docs for the facilitator - we have been BURIED in paperwork. I never imagined that we would have to fill out the same information over and over and over and over and over again for each person involved in the process - the social workers, the judge, the facilitator, the attorney, etc. It's kind of crazy. Oh, and then we had to write our autobiographies... talk about a tough task. The guidelines they give you are kind of goofy, for example: Who was your favorite high school teacher and why? Mine was my Spanish teacher. Not really sure how that affects the big scheme of things? My autobiography was 16 pages long, J's was 6. He was an only child, I have siblings - he's a "keep it short & sweet - to the point" kinda guy. He also didn't have to answer all of the questions like - "What were your relationships like with your siblings when you were a child?" "How did those relationships change into your high school years?" "How would you describe your relationships with your siblings now?" "Please list your siblings, their addresses/occupations/divorces, (etc.)" They literally want your ENTIRE life story.

Anyway, after completeing allllllll of the paperwork and our autobiographies, we spent the week and entire long weekend busting our hineys to get the house cleaned up (everything sparkles!) for the social workers. It is definitely stressful, the idea of being judged by someone who has never met you and can have a huge influence in whether or not we are able to adopt. It's stressful and a bit scary, but in a good way. We know that ultimately this stress will result in us being able to bring home our child/children. We know we will be incredible parents - we have so much love to give, along with a safe home and we are good people, so we are confident we will be certified. YAY!

Now we just get to wait... THE WAIT... I'm not very good at just waiting and not actively moving toward a goal. I've heard a lot about how THE WAIT can make you crazy, so I'm going to have to actively find something to do with my spare time. I'm contemplating getting a part time job for the holiday season, just so we have some extra spending money for the holidays. Going from an officer in an investment firm to a Starbucks barista or Barnes & Noble... (not sure what those workers are called) is a BIG CHANGE. I'm kind of concerned they'll tell me I'm "over qualified". (LOL) I am, but I'm just looking for something part-time until we are matched and able to bring our baby home. :-)

BTW-- we gladly accept all of the prayers and positive karma you can send our way.

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