Where is Home?

So, people keep asking us where we are from. That is kind of a loaded question - we live in Arizona, but have lived in a number of places, including Europe, due to Jonathan's career in the Air Force. Growing up, Jonathan lived in Southern CA (where his mom still lives) and Faith lived in Northern CA for about 10 years and considers CA "Home". We both have family in CA and get back there to visit once or twice a year. (We've been known to squeeze in an extra trip to the beach or Disneyland, too!) We also have family in the Midwest and Texas. We LOVE Arizona, but as we have learned since we moved here - no one who lives in AZ is actually FROM AZ, they are all transplants! We are both VERY close to our families, so as long as we can be centrally located to both of our families, and right now AZ is a happy medium, we are happy! :-)

Faith grew up in a military family and so when people ask about "home" - she usually says "everywhere!". She often talks about one of her most vivid memories of HOME and growing up was the constant sound of laughter in her parent's home. She is one-of-five kids - so it was always a full-house and filled with laughter - no matter where they lived. Even nowadays, when we get everyone together, the laughter is almost deafening. They will just laugh and reminisce and the joy and laughter is contagious. (Oh, and you should hear Faith's dad's jokes... LOL They're usually not very funny, but he is such a funny and gregarious guy, you can't help but laugh! )

Growing up, our friends were always welcome in our parents' homes and they became more like family than just friends.We have a lot of laughter and humor in our life and home now, but we can't wait until our home is filled with the sound of children's laughter - the more "kid noise" and laughter - the better!!

So, we hope that gives you a bit more insight into where we are "from" - it is probably wayyy more than you really wanted to know, but it made you smile, right? :-)

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