Have you ever been so certain of something??

Have you ever been so certain of something that you knew it was absolutely what you are meant to do in life??

That is how we feel about becoming parents.

We absolutely believe that we were meant to become parents and raise children who are not of our own flesh. We feel and believe with the very depth of our souls that we are ready. We are so certain this is what God has called us to do with our lives. We don't know when or how it will work out, but we know that the children that find us will be directly from God. We have done everything we know of to prepare ourselves, our home and our life. Every decision we have made over the last several years have been with becoming parents in mind... everything from the home and cars we've bought to the furniture and jobs we have taken. We have so much love and cannot wait to share our love with a child/children!!!!

We have always been pretty patient people, but God is teaching us a new kind of patience right now as we wait with excited anticipation for the day our lives will change forever. Waiting truly is the hardest part in adoption, especially when you are so certain of what you are meant to do... yet have no idea when it will finally happen. It is truly experience unlike anything else.

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