Waiting... Waiting... Waiting...

Waiting.... waiting... waiting...

Waiting truly is the hardest part.

No new developments on the "family" front. We're still waiting and trying to be patient. We want so much to be parents sooner rather than later, but we know it will happen when it is meant to happen. At times it is frustrating that that time hasn't occurred in the last four years, but we have faith that the children who are meant to be a part of our life will find us when they are meant to. In the meantime, we wait. (Did I mention waiting sucks?) We're trying to make the most of this time while we can though - enjoying "just us" time while we have it, (because EVERYONE tells us we'll miss it when we won't have just US time,) but we pretty much always end up saying "wow, just think of how much our kids would enjoy this..." or "how much more fun it will be when we have kids to share it with", etc. I think sometimes people forget that we have spent the last 12 years together with "just us", and while we value the times that we have with just the two of us, we are more than ready to share our lives with our kids! :) There are so many things we want to share with our kids - nature, music, travel, sports, the world!! I guess we just feel like kids at heart anyway and can truly appreciate the 'little' things and have fun doing almost anything! Whomever our children are - one thing is for certain - they will be surrounded by a LOT of laughter!!!

Lately, it feels as if we are surrounded by children and pregnant women. It seems as if everywhere we go and everytime we turn around there are kids or a pregnant belly right in front of us. We went to the "NFL Experience" (which was set-up outside of the University of Phoenix Stadium as part of the Super Bowl festivities.) It was pretty cool, but there were so many kids there having such a great time and in such awe - that was the best part of it!!! We can't wait for the day we can give our kids fun and amazing opportunties and be able make memories with our kids that will last a lifetime.

Sometimes it feels as if the waiting part will never end.... and it often feels as if we have been waiting forever.... but last time I checked, "forever" was longer than 4 years. :)

So, back to waiting.... but we remain hopeful!! We hope you are all doing well!! Drop us a line!! :) Take care!!

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