Slideshow & MySpace

OK, so it has only taken me (Faith) about an hour to figure out how to get this new slideshow to post in here, but YAY! I finally got it to work!!! It's just some fun photos set to music and it just makes me smile - lots of great memories from this last year!!! :D We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! :) If you hold your mouse over each picture as it scrolls, there are captions for each photo too, in case you're wondering where we were or what we were doing. They're mostly just pictures of us in our usual activities... hiking, horseback riding, cuddling, and a few of a couple of trips we took this year. ENJOY!!!!! Click on the speaker symbol on the bottom left side of the slideshow to hear the music.

OH, and you can check out the MySpace site we created as part of our adoption journey,too - There is more info on us there too. So check it out, add us as a friend to help us spread the word about our desire to adopt, and leave us a comment! Thanks & Have a beautiful day!!

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